Imac 2011 thermal paste

Editor's note: We've updated this article with advice from readers who have had the same problem. The screen goes completely black and stays that way for no apparent reason, sometimes shortly after turning the mac on and sometimes not all. Sometimes the screen simply never turns on and stays completely black. When the screen stays on, it looks perfect.

We took the machine home and the screen came on at startup and within a minute went blank. This has been happening for over a year. Without laying hands on the computer, my guess is this is an electrical fault that has a thermal component. As a child, my family had a color TV set, but when it heated up, it shifted to black and white.

We had to bang it to get color back. Banging the set jarred the discontinuity in the solid-state circuit that did color decoding. With modern manufacture, that sort of nonsense is much less likely, but given that moving the iMac into a different location made the problem impossible to replicate lends credence.

One correspondent realized that the issue was absolutely basic: the vent holes on the back and bottom of his iMac were covered in dust. He removed the dust, and a thermal sensor stopped shutting down the display. You can use a vacuum brush attachment or compressed air.

2011 iMac getting HOT!

If you use compressed air, remember to power down the Mac, and place it in a position so that you keep the can of air upright. Otherwise, you can spray liquid out of the can that evaporates so rapidly it causes freezing on surfaces it touches, and can damage the case and the screen.

Reader B. That gap caused periodic screen blackouts. Pressing on the affected spot could restore light temporarily. While he replaced the screen, the problem came back. Waking it would re-activate the backlighting, at least temporarily. Running it with a dimmer setting for screen brightness also worked. Tye found that an Epson printer that used Wi-Fi for network connections appeared to cause an iMac blackout.

We know that improperly shielded monitor cabling can allow Wi-Fi to affect displays and even system crashes, so this is another variable to try to eliminate when troubleshooting. Email yours to mac macworld.Thank you. How do you upgrade the hard drive in the "Late ," "Mid," "Mid" and "Late " What type of storage do they support?

Is it even possible to upgrade these models? Photo Credit: Apple, Inc Upgrading the memory is extremely easy -- there is a small removable "door" on the bottom of each system for this purpose -- but upgrading the hard drive requires one to gingerly remove the display and effectively disassemble the entire computer.

If you're not sure which More conveniently, they can be identified in software by model identifier. If the iMac is running OS X As always, EveryMac. If your More details about specific identifiers are provided in EveryMac. The Inch "Mid" models -- the iMac "Core i3" 3. The "Mid" iMac models all support a single 3. The education-only iMac "Core i3" 3. It does not support a 2. The maximum drive height of the 3. For storage compatibility details for each Mac, including all iMac modelsrefer to EveryMac.

Unfortunately, taking the computer apart -- which is challenging enough -- is not the only obstacle to upgrading the hard drive in these Macs. OWC also discovered that the "Late " -- and subsequently introduced "Mid" -- models use a "connector that seems to use the drive's internal sensors" rather than an external sensor like earlier Inch and Inch Aluminum iMac models.

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Originally, this meant that the most straightforward way to upgrade the hard drive was to "replace the drive with another model from the same manufacturer that [OWC or another third-party has] confirmed works properly with this thermal sensor cable". OWC provides a list of compatible drives.

Readers also shared reports that taping an external temperature sensor to a hard drive or SSD that does not have an internal sensor will work in these models, but this method is risky.

Although it still is fine to replace the hard drive with another model from the same manufacturer, this OWC solution provides many more options. It still is possible to install a 2. It also is worth noting that if a Inch "Mid" iMac is configured with an SSD, but without a hard drive, the hard drive temperature sensor is not present either.To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

After updating to Mavericks I have had some sporatic, multicolored, blocks appearing and flashing on my display. Posted on Nov 23, PM. Page content loaded. Nov 23, PM in response to jgilly26 In response to jgilly I have the same exact iMac Mid27in, 2. In Photoshop CS6, too, some operations will carve out a section of the image like where a dialog box waswhich will never refresh after that until I restart the program.

There was an issue with the particular graphics card that shipped with this machine; I myself had to get it replaced several months ago. Quite annoying I must say, as Aperture and Photoshop are pretty much all that I intensively use this machine for. Nov 23, PM. Restart your computer and start from scratch. This is such a relief for me to see this posted, as I am having the same problems. I've been dealing with the multi-colored squares and flashing blocks for a few months now, but they've been increasing in severity.

The case of the iMac screen that mysteriously blacks out

I run Windows through Bootcamp and it is also 10x worse when I'm running Windows, to the point where I can't even use it sometimes. I can't deal with it anymore when it's interferring with getting work done. I've been considering wiping the system and reinstalling everything, but I have a feeling that won't fix the problem.

My Mac is also from27in with 2. The issue happens on both the Mac OS and Windows. Oddly enough it was a replacement for my Mac that died; the Apple techs couldn't figure out what was wrong with my old one, even after replacing a few parts, and gave me this one as a replacement.

How to: iMac 27 Overheating Fix.

I didn't even know they had announced another. Dec 22, PM in response to jgilly26 In response to jgilly I also have the same problem under Mavericks with the same iMac and Gfx card. I've even had the computer crash hard 3 or 4 times with a GPU hang and other gfx card related crashes. This continues under The crashes seem to come after a few days of not rebooting so rebooting often may be advisable.

Everything was fine before Mavericks, so it seems likely that it's sofware related unless there's a widespread problem with this card that just now coincidentally coming out. Reading other threads it seems that similar gfx cards from the same time period are having issues on Macbook Pros which they've dealt with by switching off the discrete gfx option, which we can't because it's our only gfx option.

I often work with 2 Safari windows open covering my screen and I find that the gfx glitched happen less often in that configuration. Dec 22, PM. Dec 22, PM in response to kmdean In response to kmdean.

imac 2011 thermal paste

I don't think there is going to be a software-based solution to this.Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email?

Newbie Offline Posts: 4. I just posted this my same query there actually but I know you guys are far more "up to speed" on these things so I am asking here again. My post there is which is as follows: Can someone help me please? Regarding post in this thread, that is for a When I installed the same card in my 27" iMac, it did not seem that the two were interfering with each other, although there may have been some contact.

I modified the X-bracket that came with the card to allow use of the Apple screws to fix the heatsink to the video card. In short, the coil-heatsink proximity is the only physical anomaly I can see.

imac 2011 thermal paste

The M card has since been tested in another computer and it is fully functional. The iMac functions perfectly with the factory M card. Any ideas? I can only think of applying thermal paste to the coil where it possibly contacts the heatsink pipe enclosure but have doubts that this is the cause of it failing to POST.

Hero Member Offline Posts: When the coils contact the surface they keep the die from making full contact with the heat sink. And I found that an AMD x bracket on back shorted components.

imac 2011 thermal paste

Need to use an Nvidia one. Post some pix. Before asking a question, check your "Personal Settings" and be sure that you have "Brain Services" set to "On". The nVidia one came with bushes on though so I had to remove those to use the screws that fix it to the Apple heatsink. The piping as it leaves the aluminium heatsink block has a slight flexibility in it, so even if in a perfect situation it touches components on the m a square block, a coil?

I had no photos before but I just had another attempt at swapping the GPU and took some.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. When it comes to applying thermal paste, less is more: a small, pea-sized drop is all you need. Thermal paste also known as thermal grease, thermal interface material, or thermal gel is the semi-fluid compound you apply to the metal housing of the CPU to allow efficient heat transfer to the cooler mounted directly above it.

Before we get started: thermal paste is applied to the top of the CPU, not the bottom. Worried about what kind of thermal paste to use? If you apply too little paste and your CPU runs too hot resulting in computer crashes, you can always clean it off and reapply, but cleaning paste out of the socket itself is much more problematic.

Once you have the paste applied as above, simply set the cooler on top and screw it into place on the motherboard with its included mounting hardware. Image credit: Intel. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.

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imac 2011 thermal paste

MIG Welding Forum. Brad93Jul 26, Messages: 8, Location: Essex. Right I've just dropped my iMac on to be serviced by a local computer repair company who had decent reviews. However I've left there feeling a bit concerned that they're just going to mask the issue by turning the fan speed up on the machine. It's a 27" iMac and it's been faultless in the 7 years I've had it.

I want the heat sinks stripped, cleaned and new thermal paste applied but the woman didn't seem too keen on doing this and just said it would be dust and the fans needed turning up. What do you guys think? Should I demand the paste be changed or take the machine back? She has already said she can't fix the machine until Monday which leaves me in the lurch over the weekend. WelderpaulJul 26, Messages: 13, Location: Yorkshire.

Apology letter for mistake to client

It's your machine, it's up to you what you want doing with it. KayosJul 26, Messages: 5, Location: Yorkshire. Do it yourself, Macs are beautifully engineered and easy to strip and work on. Messages: 11, Location: Bedfordshire England.

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They forgot the first rule. Customer is always right. Personally if they made it clear they were not going to do as requested id have walked. Easy enough to do yourself anyhow. Messages: 6, Location: Wrexham, North Wales. My Mac book pro went that way it was terminal and nobody would guaranty a repair not even apple would touch it.

I took mine apart cleaned the fans re thermal paste the cpu and video card all to no use it still died. Messages: 7, Location: North West. Brad93 likes this. Blow through the vents with an air line Blow through backwards to normal air flow Chances are it's just a build up of dust and junk that will easily blow out.Replacement parts for your iMac Intel Repair with confidence!

All of our replacement parts are tested to rigorous standards and backed by our industry-leading warranty. Forms a continuous, heat conductive layer between a processor and its heat sink. A new layer of thermal paste keeps your processor from overheating. Two part cleaner dissolves old thermal paste on heat sinks and processors. One 30 ml bottle of thermal material remover and one 30 ml bottle of thermal surface purifier. This custom fit wedge supports your iMac display during repairs.

Add or upgrade the RAM in your computer. SATA 6. Replace or upgrade the RAM in your desktop, laptop, or game console for faster performance. Install an additional 2. Add an SSD to your iMac with this cable. A temperature sensor for the SSD is included. In MayApple upgraded the Externally, the machine features edge-to-edge glass and an aluminum rear bezel.

Identifiez votre Mac. Arctic Silver Thermal Paste Forms a continuous, heat conductive layer between a processor and its heat sink. Arctic Silver ArctiClean Two part cleaner dissolves old thermal paste on heat sinks and processors. Continuer Afficher les produits 1 - 10 sur Infos sur l'appareil In MayApple upgraded the

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